Electric Barbecue Grill

12,000.00 9,500.00

Electric Barbecue Grill:: Smokeless electric grill is simple, compact and convenient.

– High-quality, grooved, high-grip plate grip that helps reduce grease.

– The grill does not smoke

The cooker has 5 levels of heat and can adjust the electricity when it reaches the selected temperature, so you do not have to worry about burning food that can heat up food until it is used.

– The biggest advantage of smokeless electric stoves is that the amount of smoke is minimized.

– Easy to disassemble and wash.

The smokeless electric grill has a fairly simple structure consisting of a resistor, a baking tray and a grill.Therefore, it is easy to disassemble and sanitize the product. The advantages of a high-quality, non-stick griddle are the grooves that help reduce the amount of grease, and the Electric Barbecue Grills give you grilled dishes that are not only deliciously clean, but also harmless.

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